Coaches Corner plus Squad Changes/Information April 2016

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This is the latest edition of the Coaches Corner. It contains news, some information on changes to the squad structure as well as the criteria for each of the squads so you will know what your swimmer has to do to move up a squad.

Southeast Regional Swimming Championships 15 and over age groups.
These are being held this weekend over the three days of the bank holiday weekend at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. The competition is for the best swimmers in south-east England which includes Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Good luck to the two swimmers that we have competing, Ashleigh and Charlie who will both be competing on all three days.
New club team app for mobile phones and tablets
We will hopefully soon have a mobile app which will allow access to news, events, chat, newsletters and documents etc. Further information will follow once testing is complete, a big thank you goes out to John and Thor as well as Charlotte and Abi for all their work on this.
New club performance badge scheme
We now have a new club performance badge scheme which is a very good way to encourage younger swimmers to work hard in training so they can achieve the next badge. Details the performance badge scheme can be obtained from the club website at:
Thanks again to John for organising these.
Squad changes and swimmer lists
There have been some changes made to the squad names to bring them in line with the latest criteria from the ASA swimmer development pathway and help simplify the structures. There has not been any changes to training nights, however we have clarified the situation at Reigate Grammar School on Tuesdays and Thursdays for those squads affected.
You will find attached this email the latest swimmer list so you can see who is in which squad as well as the latest squad criteria which will show you what your swimmer needs to do to move to the next squad. Do not worry if a squad criteria for the group which your swimmer is in contains requirements that your swimmer is currently unable to do. The coaches are working to get all swimmers within the groups up to the specified standards. Squad criteria builds up as you move through the club, so don't be put off by the length of the criteria for the top squads as it will contain the same criteria from the squads below as well as some new items.
Periodical testing will be carried out throughout the year and squad changes will be notified after the next coaches meeting (usually 4 to 6 weeks depending on competitions). The old squad names have been included on the criteria list to assist with clarity. If you have any problems or concerns concerning the criteria or the squads please let me know.
The information will also be going on the club website.
Attendance and lateness
Just a final note to remind you all that the more sessions the swimmer does the better they will get, please also remember the training programs we do are based on the swimmer doing all the sessions. It's very difficult to train the swimmers to achieve all they can if you have to keep going over previously instructed skills and techniques because the swimmer was unable to attend those sessions. This is especially important at the higher levels of the club when the swimmer is wanting to compete at county or regional levels or above.
Late arrival at the sessions can also cause problems mainly due to the swimmer not being able to warm up correctly, the warmup is an important part of the session and helps gets you ready to train in order to get the maximum out of the session. A swimmer who is unable to complete the full warmup has a higher likelihood of injury due to muscles etc not being ready to perform. 
They will also be a disruptive effect on the swimmers already in the warmup which can reduce the effectiveness of their (the other swimmers in that lane) warm-ups thus increasing their chance of injury.
To try to minimise the problems caused by this we are running a late system based on cards, as in yellow cards, red cards etc. Basically swimmers coming repeatedly late will be given a yellow card, i.e. a warning, if their timekeeping doesn't improve this will become a red card and they may be prevented from taking part in that session. 
Obviously there is a matter of common sense to this system where circumstances such as traffic congestion, accidents and unforeseen circumstances etc have caused them to be late, these would be considered before any action is taken. It is therefore important that any swimmer arriving late on poolside notifies their coach of the reason for the lateness. 
This will also affect those swimmers who arrive at the pool in plenty of time for the session, however they then spend a long period of time in the changing rooms before coming out on poolside, thus making themselves late for the session.