Reigate Grammar School closure [Jan 29]

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Dear All
Please note the following message from Sharon regarding Reigate Grammar School closure:
For those of you who swim at RGS on either a Tuesday or Thursday the pool will be closed for 2 weeks from Sunday 16 Feb.  I am trying to find alternative places to swim but we may have to juggle with the other pool space that we have in this period.  I will let you know as soon as I have exhausted all options.
Secondly, there will be no swimming next Tuesday at RGS (4th February) as they have an event at the school.  This has been taken account of in your training schedule.

Polo shirts for Surrey County Championships [Jan 11]

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We hereby invite orders from anyone with a county time who would like to purchase a polo shirt with 'Surrey County Championships 2014' on the back, with swimmers name below it.

These will be available in black or white for £16 (child) or £17.50 (adult). Sizes are as shown on the shop page of the RRSC website:

Order deadline is Monday 3rd Feb.

Please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to place an order, or visit the desk at Donyngs on a Friday night.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Time trials in Horley [13 Jan]

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We will be doing Time Trials Monday 13'th January at Horley on 50m front crawl and 50m breaststroke.  

It would be very useful for all swimmers from Pre squad 3, Pre squad 2, Pre squad 1 and Junior B to attend this session so that we have times for you on our system.  

This helps when it comes to choosing a team for our club gala's, and it will also give the swimmers a goal to improve.  We will be doing another Time Trial session in a couple of week for 50m BC and 25m/50m fly.

Please can I ask that swimmers bring an extra towel and a t-shirt to keep warm on poolside.  
Many thanks

Revised entries for the RR meet tomorrow [Jan 10]

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Dear all,

Please note the following information from the Rushmoor Royal meet tomorrow:


Rushmoor Royals New Year Meet 11th Jan

Please find attached updated accepted entries lists. This now includes swimmers that have been reinstated. As you will see the rejected entries list is now much shorter thanks to swimmers/clubs letting me know of any withdrawals. Please can you continue to let me know of any swimmers not competing so that we can fit in some of the remaining rejected swimmers.

We will be operating a sign out system on the day, please can team managers sign out any swimmers you know won’t be competing. If you are on the rejected list I will try to fit you in on the day if I have a withdrawal. Come to the results desk to tell me if you want to be considered for an event that you have been rejected for.

Note session times:
Session 1 warmup 1.00pm start 1.40pm
Session 2 warmup 5.20pm start 5.50pm
I think the time of second session was wrong on our website.

I hope that I have managed include all the changes you have sent me, the lists have been changing faster than I can keep up with. I will give out refunds to coaches towards end of meet once I know who has been slotted in.
The updated entry forms are available from the Forthcoming Galas page.