Coaches Update November - League team Atlantis results, surreys etc

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National Arena League Team

The team for round 3 of the National Arena League is listed below (and attached), this is a very important gala for the club, please make every effort to attend if selected. The club is in a very good position after all the hard work put in over the first two rounds (were at our highest league position for 15 years!) and I would like us to continue that work in round 3 to ensure we improve even further.

Team selection has been complicated (in a positive way) by all the good results and personal best times produced over the recent weeks opens (especially Atlantis - but more on that later), so some very hard decisions have had to be made as this event requires the best swimmers in their strongest events. Well done to all those that have made the final round team and thank you to all those that have helped us get to our current position for round 3.

The National Arena Swimming League Round 3


Saturday 8th December 2012


Location: Sevenoaks Leisure Center ‑ Sevenoaks TN13 1LW

6 pm Warm-up


This is a very Important gala for the club, please make every effort to attend.


Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to attend



Abigail Durham

Thomas Bushell

Camara Barry

Jack Day

Matilda Parker

Patrick Florida-James

Ashleigh Smith

Jacob Newcombe

Isabel Wood

Jake Bentley

Joanna Amey

Patrick Dancer

Zoe Cawsey

Sam Gibbs

Georgina Robinson

Noah Stevenson

Jordan Boys-Guest

Callum Cornelius

Aislinn Flatley

Michael Belton

Georgia Graham

Sam Jones

Caoimhe Flatley

Dominic Turner

Danni Leed

Jon Wileman

Charlotte Robinson

Archie Evans


Luke Mills


William Robinson


Joshua Patel

Atlantis Christmas Open

Well done to all the swimmers taking part in this event over last weekend, it was a fabulous result for the club. We had a large number of personal best times and finished 5th overall out of 32 clubs in combined scores, the boys finished 4th and the girls (with a smaller number of swimmers) finished 8th. We also gained a lot of surrey qualifying times which is excellent and a number of swimmers are now very close to getting more.

Congratulations to Jacob Newcombe for getting the aptly named top gun trophy for highest individual point score. He competed in 10 events over the weekend coming in the top 3 in 7 of those while the other 3 were all in the top 8 positions. Good swimming Jacob.

The results for this event are attached to this email. Well done again to all who competed.

South East Region Winter Regional Championships

We have swimmers taking part in the winter regionals this weekend at Aldershot, please can I remind the swimmers that this is an opt out event, if for any reason your not going to swim you need to notify the organisers as soon as possible.

Good luck to all taking part.

Surrey County Championships

With so many swimmers getting the county times over the last few weeks and a lot more who are very close to getting them, I thought it would be useful to send round the qualifying times again (attached), please remember when looking at the times the age up date (the age group that your child will swim in) is determined as their age on the 23rd March 2013, so if they are still for example 13 on that date then thats the age group they will be swimming in and the age group for the qualifying times you will need to look at.

Also short course times are those done in pools of 25 meters in length (the same as our own Redhill pool), the long course pools are those of 50 meters in length (like Aldershot).

We have released 3 additional open meets for swimmers still wanting to obtain their surrey times, these are in January. Details were circulated by Nicky and Clare yesterday, if you missed them please see below:


For those swimmers still seeking Surrey times, we set out below details of three forthcoming galas that you may wish to enter. Entry to all three galas is on a "fastest time" basis rather than "first come first served" so there is no disadvantage to your entering close to the deadline.

Please note that you will need to email the relevant club directly as you will have to apply on an individual basis - we will not be co-ordinating entries via the club.

Finally, these are unsupported meets and so there will be no formal coach cover (unless we get lots of people wanting to go). As a parent, you may wish to pay for a poolside pass (coaches pass).

Don't forget many of our swimmers have been accepted into the Epsom Gala on 12th/13th January 2013.

Brighton Level 2 - to be held on 12th/13th January - closing date 2nd January 2013
Basingstoke Level 3 - to be held on 5th/6th January - closing date 21st December 2012

City of Canterbury Christmas Gala Level 3 - to be held on 29th December 2012 - closing date 7th December 2012
If you have any questions please speak to Dale or Tina or contact us at the email address below.
RRSC Comp Sec
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.