Coaches update - Home Gala Results plus Club Champs info

Written by RRSC. Posted in News

Just a quick update on the results of the home gala and the situation re the long distance club championships.


First may I thank all those involved with the home gala (organising, behind the scenes and poolside), the event went well considering the number of home teams we were running (3 of them) and the number of swimmers who did not have much gala experience.

I would also like to thank all the swimmers and their parents that attended, even those who come for a relay swim, the information we have collected (swimmers times) is proving to be very useful, even for those with just one swim as it gives the coaches a chance to see what they can do in a competition environment (sometimes on a different stroke from their main one) and is useful for checking their progress against training targets.

We had a lot of good performances with 85% of all swims being lifetime personal best times, and some swimmers have swum themselves in to contention for a place in the National Arena League Team which will be published next Monday. The results for the home gala are available here, on a minor note we did have a problem with one of the watches during two of the relays so their are some missing times on event 49 and 50.

When reading the relay results the splits are listed under the swimmers names and for the medley relay the stroke order is Backstroke, Breastroke, Butterfly and Front Crawl, so a swimmer listed as going third would have been doing butterfly.

Well done again to all those who took part.


The licenced long distance club championships have been cancelled for this year, however it has been decided to run the long distance events initially on an unlicensed basis, these will still form part of the club champs (cups/medals awarded etc) but the times will not be licenced so cannot be used for entry in the the county championships.If you or your swimmer is interested in doing these then please send me an email confirming you would like to do it. The events are (please state what event/s you wish to do on the email):

400 medley (4 x 100 - 100 on each stroke)
400 free
800 free female only
1500 free male only

These will be arranged by the coaching staff during normal training sessions, once we know who wants to enter we will let you know when your swim will be. We will try where possible to keep these on your swimmers normal training days.

For swimmers who take part in the unlicensed events and who's times are close to or within the county qualifying times, we are trying to set up a licenced event in early January before the county entry deadline in order to allow them to try to obtain or improve their times for county entry. If we are able to arrange this event in time it will not count toward the club championships results.