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Surrey County Championships

The surrey county swimming championships take place in March and April this year and the qualifying times and program of events has now been released (they are attached to this email).

These championships represent the first steps on the journey that can lead swimmers to eventually compete in the national championships and beyond and should be the first level that all club swimmers aim for. The attached list of qualifying times will allow you to see which events your swimmer will be able to compete in and how close they are to times for other events, The ages shown on the qualifying times list are age as at the 7th April 2013.

Swimmers wishing to enter the 2013 county championships will need there qualifying times to have been done at LICENCED galas or open meets (this is usually indicated in the title of the gala or open – if in doubt check with me).

Our club championships are licence meets (times can be used as qualifying times).

The club entry forms for the county championships will not be available till later this year to allow as much time as possible for the qualifying times to be achieved at open galas, there is a list of open meets available on the club website. the link is:




Swimmers should enter as many opens as possible to ensure they have the best possible time available for entry in to the county championships. The club will be entering relay teams for the championships, these will be selected from our fastest swimmers with times registered from any gala (the relay teams dont require times from licenced events). The county relays tend to be 50 or 100 meter swims so even if you dont get an individual county time you could still be selected to swim in the relay squad for your age group by being one of the 4 fastest in that group, so ensure you keep training hard and do as many galas/opens as possible.


General reminder achieving the qualifying times for any county championship or open does NOT guarantee entry, you should always enter as many opens as possible to try to improve your times and gain qualifying times in new events, if in doubt speak with me or one of the coaches.

Upcoming Gala’s and Open Events

Club Gala

Saturday 22nd September – We have the Home Gala, team list attached and shown below this email, if you are unable to make the gala please notify me by email or there will be a gala sheet on the desk on Fridays and Tuesdays for you to indicate your availability.

Licensed Open Meets

A list of forthcoming open meets is on the club website, please check it regularly.



National Swimming League

This is the National Swimming League, this comprises of 3 rounds of competition, 13th October, 10th November and the final round on the 8th December. The competition is very important to the club and only our best swimmers are selected for this team, if your swimmer is selected please make every effort to attend.


The results from the home gala and the next lot of opens will be used to assist in selecting the team for the National League. The team is evaluated before each round of the competition and selections are based on best in age group criteria at the time of the competition, so the team can change between rounds.





Swimmers should be doing as many session as possible (see web site for number and locations of sessions available to squad swimmers) Remember that the program is based on the swimmers doing all the session available to then in that squad, missing sessions will mean missing parts of the program that would have helped improve the swimmers performance. Time trials are also held during training sessions and missing training sessions may mean missing a time trial that may give you the time you need to enter one of the unlicensed open meets.

Time Keeping, it is important that swimmers are at the sessions on time and ready to start, missing parts of the warm up will increase the chances of injury as well as reducing the effectiveness of the session.


Long Course (50 Meter) Training and Land Training

These are important components of the swimmers development as they progress through the club, the advantages a swimmer has when competing in a long course pool (50 Meter pool like Aldershot) if they already have the experience of swimming (training) in that type and length of pool will improve their performances. Please remember that even at County levels some of the competitions are held in long course pools. It is also very beneficial from a training point of view to train in these types of pools. 50 Meter training is part of the program for the following squads:


Senior A, Senior B, Youth, Age Group A and Age Group B.


The next series of dates for the Aldershot 50m Training are as follows:


29th September

20th October

17th November

15th December

19th January 2013

16th February 2013


Swim Specific Land Training is another area that can benefit the swimmers, it works on the primary areas that are important to swimming and takes place on a Friday (Club Night). This is different from general fitness training in that the work is structured towards swimming, so the benefits are greater.