Christmas Swimming Time Table

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Last Friday at Donyngs                12 December (Donyngs closed 19th)
Last Monday at Horley                15 December (Horley closed 22nd)  This includes masters too
Last Tuesday at Dunottar            16 December – can join Donyngs swimmers 23rd 7 to 8.30
Last Wednesday at Caterham     17 December
Last Thursday at Caterham and RGS and Dunottar(masters)   18 December
Last Sunday at Donyngs              21 December
Last Monday at Caterham           22 December
Last Tuesday at Donyngs and RGS    23 December
Swimming resumes:
Friday 2nd Jan at Donyngs
Sunday 4th Jan at Donyngs
Monday 5th Jan Caterham and Horley
Tuesday 6th Jan Donyngs, RGS and Dunottar
Wednesday 7th Jan Caterham
Thursday 8th Jan Caterham, RGS and Dunottar(masters)
Last land training session is Friday 12th December and resumes Friday 9th January.