Head Coach Update - New Coaches plus Gala and Training info/Surreys

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A brief general update from Dale the Head Coach

New Coaches

With the Departure of Chris our regular Wednesday and Sunday coach (to become a school teacher) some of you will have noticed we have a couple of new coaches on poolside, Jen and Lucy.

Jen will be doing Tuesdays and Sundays at Redhill and Lucy will be doing Tuesdays at Redhill and Thursdays at Caterham. Please join me in welcoming them to the club.


Surrey County Championships

We are still waiting on the details for the qualifying times, which events are in which session and confirmation on the age up date. The dates for the sessions are out, there on the club calendar on our website at the link below:


As soon as we have any additional information we will circulate it.


Training Times and Durations - important please read

Please remember that in order to get the most out of the training programs designed for the swimmers they need to be doing as many regular sessions as possible, the more they do the better they will get. Missing regular sessions will mean missing parts of the program that may not be repeated during that training cycle, they may miss a set on turns, or stroke work on one of their main strokes resulting in slower times when they compete.

Also please ensure they arrive in good time for the sessions as missing the warm up or part of the warm up will effect the benefit they get from the session as well as causing disturbance to those swimmers that arrived on time while the late comers catch up on what they have missed. The same goes for swimmers leaving before the end of the session, they will reduce the effectiveness of the session as well as causing disturbance to others within the session, thus reducing the effectiveness of their session as well.

Their will be times when due to circumstances beyond their control they are late or have to leave early, this is something the coaches will work around when they can, however if you are going to be regularly missing sessions or parts of session please speak with either Tina or Myself so that we can see what can be done to minimise the detrimental effect this will have on their training.

Injured or sick swimmers should not be at training (unless their has been prior arrangement with the coach), they are usually better off at home resting. Swimmers returning from injury should speak with Tina or Myself to agree a training plan that will get them back to full fitness while minimising any effects the injury may have on this.

If you are unsure which squad your swimmer is in please contact either Tina or Myself, information on or what sessions/pools/times each squad swims at is available from our website or by following the link below: