About Masters' Swimming

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About Masters' swimming

Redhill & Reigate Swimming Club (RRSC) has a thriving Masters' section which trains regularly each week. A 'master' swimmer is defined as anyone over the age of 25 with no upper age limit.

Some of our Masters compete in various events around the country as well as in the annual RRSC Club Championships. Think again if you believed your days for winning sporting trophies were over! 

We are always looking for more members, so if you would like to get fit or are looking to compete, please feel free to come and try us out


Swim 21

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Redhill & Reigate Swimming Club is proud to announce it was awarded Swim 21 accreditation in October 2008, effective from 16 November.

What is Swim 21?

Swim 21 is the ASA Club Development model, a planning tool based on the principles of Long Term Athelete Development, enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to achieve their full potential. It focuses particularly in the needs of the athletes - striving to provide the best possible support environment. Swim 21 is not just endorsed by the ASA but also by Sport England; Swim 21 Accreditation includes Sport England Clubmark, a kite mark set across all sports.

Please see the Swim 21 leaflet in your personalised Swimmers Manual for further information.

Nutrition & lifestyle

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To perform at your best in the pool it is essential to take care of your health outside the pool. Please consult your personalised Swimmers Manual for detailed advice on nutrition.

Club swimming kit requirements

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There is a variety of swimming kit and swimming aids that a swimmer may require. Below is a list of essential kit, the kit required by a swimmer when training and the kit required when attending galas.

Essential kit

Drink bottle, 2 pairs of goggles, swimming hat, 2 costumes, swimming bag, towel

Training kit

Parents/guardians should consult their child's squad coach regarding which of the following items are required and the size/style:

Flippers, pull buoy, hand paddles, kick floats

Gala kit

T-bag, 2 towels, drink bottles, pool footwear (flipflops), club swim hat, club swimming costumes. The following items are optional: club tracksuit, sweatshirt, t-shirt.

All club swimming kit is obtainable from our club shop; either send a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or meet our shop manager in person at Friday evening swimming sessions at Donyngs.