Final Chances for Surrey Times [Oct 28]

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Dear Members,
For those swimmers still seeking Surrey times, we set out below details of two forthcoming galas that you may wish to enter.

Please note that you will need to email the relevant club directly as you will have to apply on an individual basis - we will not be co-ordinating entries via the club. 

Finally, these are unsupported meets and so there will be no formal coach cover (unless we get lots of people wanting to go). As a parent, you may wish to pay for a poolside pass (coaches pass).
Littlehampton level 3- to be held on 05th January - closing date 13th December 2013
Brighton Level 2 - to be held on 11th/12th January - closing date 29th December 2013 
If you have any questions please speak to Dale or Tina or contact us at the email address below.
Lochana & Jan
RRSC Comp Sec
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