Atlantis Christmas Cracker - accepted and scratched entries [Oct 22]

Written by RRSC. Posted in News

Dear All
Please find attached the accepted and scratched entries from Atlantis.  I am afraid Atlantis have scratched a lot of our swimmers based on entry times as they were heavily oversubscribed (double the amount of swimmers to races).  Please see their message below (in italics):
Thanks for your patience.  We have now processed acceptances & rejections.  These have been calculated based on entry times vs the QTs.  Where this has resulted in a swimmer being reduced to only one swim in a day, that remaining swim has also been scratched.  This has been necessary to keep poolside numbers within practical limits.  Again we apologise to those swimmers and clubs affected.  The process looks to have hit the entries from Brighton Dolphin and TASS especially hard.  If they, or any other club feels it now does not have a critical mass of swimmers and wishes to withdraw completely, please let us know. 
Thanks to those who offered to officiate.  We have been able to accept most, but not all, offers of help, and in some cases have re-instated a number of swims to ensure we will have a sufficient number of officials to run the gala.  We will be in touch separately to confirm details of session assignments.
Details of acceptances and rejections are shown by team in the attached file.  Rejections are indicated by SCR next to the event (standing for "scratched").
I will work through the list of scratched entries and endeavour to get refunds worked out by Friday.  Where it is the whole lot and people have paid by cheque I will shred the cheque as I have not paid these in yet until we had accepted entries.
Kind Regards
Sharon Dancer