Long Distance Club Championship - Heats [Oct 12]

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The Long Distance Club Championships will be held at Reigate Grammar School pool on the following dates:

Thursday 17th October

Girls 400m FC and Boys 400m IM - warm up at 7.30pm

Girls 400m FC Boys 400m IM
Heat 1 Lucie Day Heat 1 Josh Lumsden
Laura Naylor James Burge
Lily Florida-James Jack Day
Heat 2 Mollie Oakes Patrick Florida-James
Holly Dancer Heat 2 Charlie Broughton
Amie Smith Noah Stevenson
Katie Bentley Jacob Newcombe
Heat 3 Katie Driver Ben Gibbs
Amy Lawson Heat 3 Sam Jones
Jenna Hinton Mark Irvine
Ella Cygler Patrick Dancer
Heat 4 Helen Naylor Sam Gibbs
Charlotte Durham
Niamh Ryan
Abigail Durham
Heat 5 Maria Lee
Chloe Howes
Dani Leed
Heat 6 Charlotte Robinson
Zoe Cawsey
Ashleigh Smith
Georgina Robinson

Thursday 24th October

Girls 800m FC and heat 1 of Boys 1500m FC - warm up 7.30pm

Girls 800m FC   Boys 1500m FC
Heat 1 Lucie Day Heat 1 Ben Elliot
Laura Naylor James Burge
Katie Driver Scott Shannon
Heat 2 Katie Bentley
Holly Dancer
Jenna Hinton
Heat 3 Zoe Cawsey
Chloe Howes
Helen Naylor
Abigail Durham
Heat 4 Charlotte Robinson
Georgina Robinson
Maria Lee
Ashleigh Smith

Thursday 31st October

Boys 1500m FC - warm up - 7.30pm

Boys 1500m FC
Heat 2 Jack Day
Patrick Florida-James
Callum Jones
Heat 3 Jacob Newcombe
Charlie Broughton
Sam Gibbs
Luke Felgate
Heat 4 Patrick Dancer
Sam Jones
Mark Irvine
Noah Stevenson

Thursday 7th November

Boys 400m FC and Girls 400m IM - warm up 7.30pm

Boys 400m FC   Girls 400m IM
Heat 1 Luis Grainger Heat 1 Laura Naylor
Jay Cornelius Katie Driver
Oliver Gunasekera Katie Bentley
Heat 2 Ben Elliot Mollie Oakes
Lakith Gabrielson Heat 2 Helen Naylor
James Burge Niamh Ryan
Heat 4 Josh Lumsden Ashleigh Smith
Jack Day Zoe Cawsey
Ben Dunn-Flores
Callum Jones
Heat 5 Patrick Florida-James
Ben Gibbs
Jacob Newcombe
Charlie Broughton
Heat 6 Ross Cornelius
Noah Stevenson
Sam Gibbs
Luke Felgate
Heat 7 Calum Cornelius
Sam Jones
Mark Irvine
Patrick Dancer
All swimmers in Club, Age Group A or Age Group B squads who normally train at RGS on a Thursday are invited to train at Caterham 7.15pm to 9.15pm on each of the above dates.