Guildford open meet closed early [Sept 27]

Written by RRSC. Posted in News

As you know Guildford closed their open meet early and our entries were not accepted.  I have gone through the amounts people paid and have carried out the following actions depending on how you paid:
1. Some of you used it against your Atlantis entry last week
2. If you paid by cash at did not use it against Atlantis I have a refund for you to collect tonight
3. If you paid by cheque for that gala only I have shredded your cheque.
4. If you paid by cheque for this and another gala I have refunded you cash for that part of it and you can collect it tonight.
Sharon will be on the desk in Donyngs from around 7.45 tonight (Friday 27'th Sept)  for those of you who need to pick up a refund or are unsure what you did.