Revised Squad Structure and Swimmer List [Aug 26]

Written by RRSC. Posted in News

The increase in pool time and the addition of a new venue has resulted in a revised squad structure. The new structure together with the swimmers list and the squad rules can be found here.

Please read the squad information page that contains you or your swimmers name, as this has information on any relevant criteria you need to be aware of as well as information on type of competition you should be attending. Then please ensure you read the Squad Rules (the last 2 pages of the document) and also take a look at the notes on entering the club and movement between squads (3 pages from the end of the document).

If you have any problems with the new structure or the squad you or your swimmer is in please let me know, BUT ensure you have read the 3 parts of the attached document first AND the section below this marked important information. I can be contacted by email or spoken to AFTER a training session has finished (my preferred method). I spend a lot of time travelling to the various sessions (as I live in Hastings) and my day job does not allow for me to receive non work phone calls so please do not ring me.


  1. DON'T PANIC - as with any change there will be tweaks and adjustments over the coming weeks, some swimmers/parents may be concerned with the squad they are in or with the criteria the squad now has, this is normal when this kind of change is made. We (the coaching team) will be speaking with any concerned parents or swimmers to discuss the situation and to see what can be arranged to resolve it. Just let me know in the first instance and I will start the process off.
  2. Some swimmers have not been moved yet, this is due to the holiday period as I need to speak with them and or their parents to see what they want to do going forwards - for some this will be due to changes in schools (moving schools or coming in to a major exam year), for others it will relate to the amount of training they can undertake (parents commitments, problems getting to certain pools etc). If in doubt just speak to me or send me an email.
  3. Swimmers that were in squads before this change and are concerned about their ability to remain in that squad under the new structure, please see point 1 especially the first two words, no one will be moved to alternate squads until I have had time to listen to their (and their parents) concerns and see what can be arranged for them.
  4. There may be swimmers missing from the list, typically this will be ones that have joined in late July or August. We will correct this as soon as we have everyone back from holiday. Again if in doubt contact me.

Hopefully the change to the new structure will go as smoothly as possible and the changes will allow our swimmers to go on to achieve even greater personal goals and swimming success.



Head Coach