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What are the Competitive Performance Awards?

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) has developed a series of time awards in conjunction with the British Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association. They are designed to reward swimmers in their early years of competitive swimming, encouraging them to focus not only on their speed, but also on their strokes, starts, turns and finishes as well. Therefore aiming for overall faster swim times for each stroke.

Badges are available to swimmers for achieving one of the specified times within each set distance/level category for each of the different strokes including Individual Medley (IM).

The awards are divided into three distance categories:

Sprint - 50m & 100m for all strokes including IM

Middle Distance - 200m for all strokes including IM and 400m for front crawl

Distance - 800m & 1500m front crawl and 400m for IM

These distance categories are sub-divided into four time performance levels:

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

The times for the awards are consistent with the ASA Graded Swimming Times, and the Gold Standards approximate to average county age group qualifying times for 12 year old boys. When this level is reached there is a good chance that these swimmers would qualify at county level.

Who can obtain these awards?

Any member of the swimming club, regardless of age, can qualify for these awards providing they achieve the ASA
specified times.

How does a swimmer get the required qualifying times?

Swimmers can obtain qualifying times by competing in club galas and open meets or through organised time trials held at the club. The times required are displayed in the table below. The times apply to both genders, regardless of age. The times are split into three distance categories, Sprint, Middle Distance and Distance.

  • Sprint times for 50m and 100m can be obtained in either a Short Course (SC) 25m pool or a Long Course (LC) 50m pool for all strokes including IM. These times are the same for both pool lengths.
  • Middle Distance SC times for 200m can be obtained in all strokes including IM and LC times just for front crawl and IM. 400m times are only available for front crawl and IM at either SC or LC.
  • Distance times can be obtained for 800m and 1500m front crawl and for 400m IM at either SC or LC.




Do I need to get times for all the distances within a category?

No, a swimmer only needs to obtain one qualifying time per distance category. For example in the sprint category, a swimmer need only achieve a time for either the 50m or 100m distance for that particular stroke.

What are the badges?

The badges are embroidered material that can be sewn onto clothing such as the club polo shirt. There are 12 round badges for Sprint, Middle Distance and Distance in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, these badges can be obtained after achieving the first qualifying time in any one stroke category. There are also five stroke flash badges for Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle and Individual Medley. The round badges are for display purposes and the stroke flash badges are earned according to the time achieved.

How much do the badges cost?

The round badges for Sprint, Middle Distance and Distance in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum cost £3.50 each. Individual stroke flash badges for Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle and Individual Medley in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum cost £2.00 each.

How do I get the badges?

Once a qualifying time has been achieved, complete the RRSC Performance Awards - Order Form (download from below) and return the form together with the payment to the club’s Awards Administrator. Once the qualifying time(s) have been verified the badge(s) will be ordered. Once received, they will then be available for collection from the club desk on Friday evenings at Donyngs Leisure Centre.

What do I do once I have the badges?

These are highly prestigious awards and should be proudly displayed by the swimmer.

A great way to display them is to sew them on to your club polo shirt.

If you have any further questions?

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