Coaches Corner - Redhill and Reigate Club Update November 15

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This is the first of a semi regular update from the Coaching/Teaching Team covering various areas relating to your club and your swimmer/s.

I will try to keep this brief as those of you that know me and have ever had any emails from me are aware that they are seldom brief! I think wall of text probably best describes them, still here goes......


Swimmer Squad Lists
Attached to this list is the latest swimmers squad list - who is in which squad, which if you check this with the club 'Squad Training List' from the club web site, will show you where your weekly training sessions are. I will endeavour to ensure future moves are announced via the Coaches CornerEmail. The link to the 'Squad Training List' is below:

Club Open Meet January 17th
This is a brilliant opportunity for ALL our swimmers to experience an open event in a very club orientated atmosphere. We have set the entry time's for this event to allow as many of our swimmers the opportunity to participate as possible and I would highly recommend any of our swimmers who have times should enter it. Swimmers in Junior A/B, Age Group A/B, Youth and Senior A/B should really be doing this as it forms part of your development pathway. Swimmers in any of the Pre Squads 3/2/1 should also be having a go.

Ah.... but what if I don't have any times!

We have that covered, over the next two weeks the coaches will be running time trials during most sessions to cover all the 50 meter (2 length) and 100meter (4 length) events, those wishing to have a go at the longer events 200 meter front crawl (8 lengths) and 200 meter medley (2 lengths each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and frontcrawl) need only ask their coach and we will set up a time trial for you. I will collect all the times in from the coaches and publish them on our web site as well as sending them round via email so you will have them for the entry forms.
If you don't get the times you want initially don't worry we are running the trials until the 20th November, you can always have another go.
National Arena Swimming League
This is a national competition over 3 rounds (it's similar to football's premiership) which the club competes in, most of the swimming clubs from around the country also compete in this competition. We compete in the Southern league which covers the south eastern corner of the country (approximately 81 clubs). Its a high level competition for which we select out best swimmers on their best events as points generated at the galas can be vital at the end of the competition.
The 3 rounds are always the second Saturday in October (this year the 10th), November (this Saturday the 14th) and December (this year the 12th). The swimmers selected for each round to represent the club can change depending on form and availability, but it will always be the best team we have available and this is the only competition where we will take swimmers only for relay events if that's the fastest way to swim the team.
So, if you are selected to represent the club please make every effort to attend as these are important galas for the club.


Well that about wraps it up for the first one of these, don't forget the Club AGM on Friday at Donyngs 7.15pm, we need as many members there as possible.
Head Coach