National Arena League

Written by RRSC. Posted in Galas 2015

National Arena League is soon due, and team mebers will be announced shortly.


Find below some general information about the league.


Thank you for your help last year and for your continued support of the League this year.
You are receiving this as I have you as my contact at your Club for the National Arena Swimming League South.  If this is incorrect then please let me know immediately.

Please find attached the following documents:

1.  The Annual Declaration.  This needs to be signed and back to me by 30th September 2015

2.  A copy of the Constitution and PCs.  The main changes agreed at the AGM are:

a)  The AGM in future will be held in May or June. (This is so that it can be held after the National Final at the end of April and also not clash with Regional Championships.)
b)  To change the time I get the results from the galas from midday to 9.00 am.  (This is just a case of sending me the file so it should be really easy.  Everyone seems to want me to get the results onto the website by Sunday evening, so if I can get them by 9.00 am it’ll give me the day to draw up the tables, and get the next round sorted).
c)  The Premier Division Final will now be in a 25m pool as it falls into the short course window.  
d)  Teams will have to be submitted electronically to the host club 24 hours in advance.  Changes must be notified to the recorder ten minutes before the start of the warm up, and any subsequent changes (swimmer injuring themselves, or getting sick) must be notified to the recorder immediately.  

This year has been hectic.  Apart from teams dropping out and the usual musical chairs I’ve had to change my initial selection of pools.  After being told that we couldn’t  license any of the galas,  I was told at the National AGM that we had permission to license all the galas.  I spoke to many of you at the ASA Nationals and we were all excited with this news.  Unfortunately my license application has been rejected.  It seems that the ASA are not happy with the quality of information they are getting re the teams.  There are too many mistakes and until software has been developed which will prevent this we cannot go ahead with licensing.  I am sorry for any disappointment and for raising your hopes.

Finally I attach the draw for the first round.  I apologise for any long travels some of you may have.   Now that I will not be licensing the galas I can look at pools with out AOE.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything with me.

Kind Regards

Kathy Hook